We Are the Government

Written September 8, 2020

Friendly reminder:

Tax cuts are government benefits.
Tax subsidy are government benefits.
Tax credits are government benefits.

Employer sponsored health insurance is heavily subsidized by government through tax incentives and credits.

If your “greatest generation” family member got the G.I. Bill, which included low interest loans, low cost mortgages, education assistance, and unemployment compensation, more than likely your family has been able to build on that foundation, a foundation subsidized by government.

And you didn’t “earn” this, if by earn you mean pulled yourself up by your bootstraps all by yourself with no help from anyone.

The mortgage deduction is a government benefit, too.

You are receiving government benefits which far exceed other forms of visible welfare, like food stamps and Medicaid.

When you’re driving down a paved road in rural and exurban America remember; the federal government more than likely subsidized and built that road. State government does the same.

In other words everyone benefits from government in ways they did not strictly earn through virtue and “hard work.”

It would behoove all of us to re-calibrate our understanding of what “government” means and stop letting individuals and movements with a vested interested in sabotage define what it means for us.

We are the government. You don’t have to wait until November to remind those in power of this fact.


btw: the vast majority of black people eligible for the G.I. Bill were de-facto denied most of its benefits. You could be “approved” but when one tried to access those benefits barriers were erected (“purpose built”) to prevent them from doing so.

Also btw: Which states benefit the most from government programs, federal tax dollars, and “government” in general?

Red states. Conservative enclaves. Libertarian/conservative counties. Republican strongholds.

They benefit (disproportionately) more of everything from Medicaid and SNAP to tax subsidies, military bases, federal contracts, and federal tax dollars flowing into states.

How about that…



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